Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Forever Friend and Love

Every morning before the light of dawn
He rises without complaint,
Quielty so as not to disturb
Those nestled in the cozy beds
While he goes out into the wee hours
In all kinds of weather,
Day after day, week after week,
To provide for his family.
No matter what life deals him,
He plods along relentlessly.
When people ask him "How are you?"
"Better and better!" is his reply!
He is like a rottweiler, I like to say;
Loyal, protective, and strong.
Loving and funny and brilliantly smart.
His sense of humor makes his green eyes shine
With mischief and affection
He is my lover, my soul mate,
my forever friend.


Daniel said...

What a beautiful sentiment! In this world of throw-away marriages it's nice to see that someone has made it work! Well done.

Stardust said...

daniel - thanks.
It does take a lot of work to make a marriage together at times, but we never let that "D" word come into play whenever we have disagreements. Too many couples throw in the towel and give up. We made a committment for better for worse, richer for poorer, sickness and health, to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live, and we meant it. Though we have tossed aside the mythology, we will not toss away the promises we made to each other when we cherish our vows. From what we have seen, a mysterious god is not going to hold anything together. ALL of our friends who are divorced are Xians. Some of them say it wasn't anything big that caused their divorces...they just "fell out of love"...we say it wasn't REAL to begin with then or they just didn't want to try. In the case of one couple, it was infidelity. THAT I do not understand if you really love the one you are married to.

What is really unbelievable to us is how we have been to several SECOND marriages saying the same LIFETIME VOWS for the second time...and sometimes third. One of the comments that really grates on me is "god wouldn't want me in an unhappy marriage." I want to ask "then why did this god 'join together' something that he knew in advance wasn't right?" PEOPLE have to decide what is best, and who they love, and make the committment work.