Friday, January 08, 2010

A Winter Walk
By D. Bowden

We walked through the park
My love and I

With the snow floating down,

And a hush all around.

The only noise heard,

Was the coo of a bird

As it fluttered down,

Down to the ground,

Into the white,

Then taking flight!

Children gave it a fright

With their laughter and noise,

Expressing their joys

And meaning no harm,

Nor to alarm,

Only wanting to play

On this cold winter's day.

My love and I

Walked through the park

With the snow floating down

And happiness around.


Jules said...

Great Blog Stardust.

I love this poem and the photo. A lot of people at least here are aleways complaining about the pigeons but I love them.

I admire your Rhyming capability. Your poems flow nicely and never sound jingly.

I removed my previous comment owing to spelling mistakes.

Stardust said...

Thanks for the compliments Julie.

Poetry comes in spurts for me. I can't think of anything for weeks and then one will just flow from my pen effortlessly. Same with fiction writing. I think and think and think and come up with nothing for so long and then suddenly it all comes to me. I think it depends what mood I am in.

Your poetry is very well thought out. I encourage everyone who stops by to read some of the things Jules has written on her blog...they are all so beautiful.